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For personal website, blog, gallery or just to see how it works.

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Free includes

  • SSL Certificate
  • 100 MiB of Cloud Storage



For advanced personal or small business website.

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Pro includes

  • SSL Certificate
  • 10 GiB of Cloud Storage
  • Custom Domain Name



For large business or institutional websites.

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Biz includes

  • SSL Certificate
  • 100 GiB of Cloud Storage
  • Custom Domain Name



For enterprises requiring private infrastructure. * Price per one cloud node

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Ent includes

  • SSL Certificate
  • 1 TiB of Cloud Storage
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Private Infrastructure

Editing Layout

Arrange Your content in a way that is appropriate for Your website, with use of arbitrarily nested rows and cells.


Managing Permissions

Allow more or less access for your user groups, so that website managing can be assigned to marketing, while administrative tasks will belong to Your administrators.